These recordings are being used in nurseries, hospitals, hospices and private homes. I have made them all with the intention that they bring a sense of comfort and peace. They have proven to be of value for many people and I hope you enjoy them too.


“The amazingly good news is that I have not had a  sleepless night since I received ‘Night Song’ and I even look forward to going  to bed now, knowing that some beautiful music and a peaceful night await me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am going on to your website now to order the other two CDs and I will be sharing this miracle with a group I meet with. I  can’t wait to listen to the other CDs.

God bless you in your wonderful work.”

“I just can’t thank you enough as your beautiful music continues to work its magic and I am sleeping soundly through the night. I think there has been only about 5 nights where I have been unable to sleep and that is absolutely fantastic.

I am now able to play the music softly and enjoy it very gently as it lulls me into a very peaceful sleep right throughout the night.

I now tend to vary between ‘Night Song’ and ‘Love and the Ferryman’.”

Into Silence CD Purchase now

Music for mother and baby relaxation, meditation and restful sleep.  Cedar prayer flute, gently played temple chimes that lead into periods of restful silence.

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Night Song CD Purchase now

A guide into slumber: Using gentle harp and voice I created this CD with the intention of guiding the listener into a state of deep rest, comfort and slumber. Simply rest into the music.

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The Sanctuary CD Purchase now

Emotionally healing: On this CD sensitively played harp music is offered in such a way as to lead the listener slowly into an ever increasing peaceful state (a sanctuary)… and then gently and slowly, lead back again. Therein lies its simple beauty and profound healing qualities.

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Love and the Ferryman CD Purchase now

Calming and restful: Using voice, harp, cedar flute and acoustic guitar I created this CD to create a peaceful atmosphere in which to rest.

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The Sanctuary Relaxation DVD Purchase now

45 minutes of music and images specifically chosen to promote deep restorative relaxation. Incorporating a complete recording of The Sanctuary.

A new version will be available soon.

The Harp and the Ferryman (Book) Not available at present

Helen Cox PhD & Peter Roberts M-Th

A journey of the heart.

Touching stories from a journey into the use of music in medical care.

‘…This beautifully written, stunningly engaging, and powerfully challenging book presents the evidence that music heals in the broadest sense of the word. It represents the most moving read I have ever had.’

– Professor Alan Pearson AM, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Adelaide

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Reverie Harp Playing Techniques DVD Purchase now

Instructional  resource: A visual introduction to the techniques possible with the amazing Reverie Harp, an instrument that anyone can play. It includes a section on the therapeutic uses of this instrument. 90 minutes.

Hear a sample of the sound of the Reverie Harp:

Reverie Harp Playing Techniques Therapeutic Use of the Reverie Harp

Reverie Harp Introductory Guidebook Purchase now

Instructional resource: A beautiful companion to the purchase of the Reverie Harp. Full of ideas and inspiring stories.

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