Because of my long involvement in playing within hospital settings there has been much interest in the nature of this work. I prefer to make my presentations informative, personal and experiential where possible, and as a result I have enjoyed the opportunity of presenting at conferences in many states of Australia and also in Malaysia and the United States.

If you are seeking a presenter for a conference or workshop I am open to discussing the possibility with you and can be contacted here



Evaluation comments from participants at a recent workshop
What did you most value about Peter’s presentation?

“The ease and openness of Peter’s address to us.  His playing, his music is beyond him and in the hands of the divine.  To bridge so much so easily, without effort, is truly miraculous.  I was deeply moved and so grateful.”

Peter was so enthusiastic, gentle and generous with his presentation and demonstration of the Reverie harp.   His stories told with compassion were heartfelt.  It left me feeling in a wonderful peaceful place.”

“Being able to experience Peter talking about his work, listening to him play and connecting with him. It has resonated with me deeply.”

“Inspirational (2), very inspiring (4) inspirational in every sense, this is something I’ve been seeking for a very long time.”


“Incredibly deep.”

 “Life changing. This workshop has changed my life.”