A most exciting addition to the range of harps I offer is the unique little Reverie Harp, an instrument that was born from an idea of mine.

The Reverie Harp can be played by anyone without any training, believe it or not, and apart from the many individuals who now enjoying playing it, the Reverie Harp is finding its way into kindergartens, yoga studios, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals.

Here is a simple video showing you how to play the Reverie Harp:

The catalyst for this instrument design came from an encounter with a patient of mine.

View the story in the following video:

Gumleaf motif

The Reverie harp has so many uses:

A series of photos of reveries used in different environments:



Tree of Life motif


This is a hands on family business:

Peter Jeanette


Playing the reverie. A short demonstration

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Traditional harps are sometimes available. Contact me for details.