A most exciting addition to the range of harps I offer is the unique little Reverie Harp, an instrument that was born from an idea of mine.

The Reverie Harp can be played by anyone without any training, believe it or not, and apart from the many individuals who now enjoying playing it, the Reverie Harp is finding its way into kindergartens, yoga studios, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals.

It’s wonderful for me to hear the successful stories associated with this little instrument.

Photo: Linda Newman. Pilates & Yoga Geelong

The catalyst for this instrument design came from an encounter with a patient of mine.

Free sample!
Watch a free video and sound sample from the Reverie Harp DVD


You may be interested the story and to hear of some beautiful uses for the instrument in the following video.

We manufacture these instruments in entirety here in Geelong Australia.

My wife Jeanette and I enjoy the pleasure of making and sharing these beautiful hand made instruments with our customers.

Peter Jeanette

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I also offer a range of traditional floor model harps at my showroom in Geelong.

If you would like to get your hands on a harp, feel free to contact me for an appointment. 


Bardic Harp

$1,485 + postage/handling

Name Bardic
Height 80cm
Weight 5.5kg (approx.)
Range 26 Strings F to C. or Optional stringing C to G
Description Cherry sides neck and pillar


Troubador Harp

$2,495 + postage/handling

Name Troubadour
Height 140cm (Support box supplied)
Weight 11kg (approx.)
Range 4.5 octaves (from 2 C’s below middle C)
Description 33 strings. Shaped or rounded models. Rich strong bass tones.



Minstrel Harp

$2,845 + postage/handling

Name Minstrel
Height 147.5cm
Weight 10kg (approx.)
Range 4+ Octaves (31)
Description 31 Strings. Cherry sides and back, laminated maple neck and pillar.


Shaker Harp

$900 + postage/handling (finished harp)
$800 + postage/handling (build your own)

Name Shaker
Height 132cm
Weight 6.35kg
Range 4 Octaves
Description 29 Strings. G-g Simple, lightweight construction.